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Health is an area seriously cared by all and according to many surveys conducted on regional, national and international levels; our state could stand on top with respect to Health care. While feeling further the pulse and gravity of the situation. One can definitely fathom the magnitude. Mostly the situation prompts us to infer that the aggrieved incumbents are mostly from down-trodden sector and they are left with no other option than approaching Missionaries and Charitable Trust or advertisement in lay-press for mobilization of funds.

Still primarily only the expenses involved in the surgical intervention procedures/Dialysis, or, the Organ acceptance and transplantation will be met with. But as everybody knows these unfortunate human beings are put to life-long misery or very long spans of costly medications. At this juncture they will be holding the least left-over funds and the ambience will be showing a rhy face unless they are that magnanimous. Our proposed venture DISCOUNT PHARMACY plays the pivotal role here. The anxious faces are met by us with a smile so that the accompanying long prescription of costly medicines and accessories are made affordable to the ailing public. We share the profit with the patients, a gesture with a humanitarian value. Drug prices are harnessed without the Companies being informed and the essential drugs belonging to any Super Speciality are made economical and accessible to the patient.
Our vision is simple!!! Medications are made available at the minimum cost at the retail level: thus helping the poor and down-trodden to come out.
of the rut and We are proud to state here;

Especially of patients belonging to specialities given below


In short,

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CONCLUSION : We are sure, this will be a noble venture based on humanitarian values directed towards a better modus operandi of health care for the patients suffering from such super speciality­Wise degenerative disorders or life- style related and allied ailments; thus putting somewhat an end and providing soothing relief for the hardships they are bound to face on a day to day basis for the rest of their life. We repeat our 'advocacy'


"US" denotes the realization of a Master Plan for a genuine retail outlet for ailing public espically Kidney Patients, Cardiac Patients, Cancer Patients, Urology Patients and any segment of patients, ushered in for a medical intervention involving huge sum of money.

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